Cat Boxes


Cat box Designed for litter trays with door at the front to slide trays out, with storage in the top for spare litter and accessories

  • Creative Plan & Design
    We Initially drew up 2D/3D Designs for this project Which we sent over to the client via Whatapp, as a PDF package to help aid the clients ideas and plans come to life.
  • Talented Peoples

    We work along side experienced tradesmen and women. In all aspects of construction and joinery.

  • Modern Tools
    We have spent years learning traditional methods/techniques. Parred with modern tools. To deliver the highest standard of craftmanship







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'Based in North West London, RoadnightWorks specialises in designing and manufacturing bespoke joinery for both commercial and residential interiors. Using a combination of traditional joinery techniques and modern technology all pieces are handcrafted and finished to the highest of standards. Helping our clients make their design requirements a reality, RoadnightWorks is committed to providing the highest quality bespoke furniture for modern interiors.''


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